The Benefits

Becoming aware of changes in your body is a very personal process. As no two people are alike, your treatment, experience and benefits will never be replicated. While Rolfing is primarily concerned with physical changes in the body, it affects the whole person. We are an expression of our emotions, attitudes, experience and behavior patterns. All are related. Clients often report positive personal changes, stating less stress and improved ability to handle life's challenges even after the first session. The effect is usually immediate.

My goal is to make living in your body enjoyable, easy and pain free. I seek adaptability from tissue that has lost its freedom and I work with habitual patterns to raise awareness of how our actions impact on our body. Bones that have strayed out of place due to accident, difficult births or bad habits are brought back into the correct place with the support of new educated movement and freedom in the tissue around them. I work on clearing old traumas that reek havoc with our vitality and peace. This is a major part of my work where I use the nervous system release techniques to calm global tension in the combined body and mind. I use a range of touch from extremely gentle to firm and determined (only when I have to!). And that is how we find less pain and more balance.

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