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1 - General

"Gillian Duffin is by any standard a remarkable human being. She is a highly trained Rolfer, Craniosacral therapist and Rolf movement practitioner. But much more significant is her deep intuitive personality. She has a very special facility for experiencing in herself what is happening in the body of the person she is working with and it is for this reason that I have been increasing referring clients to her for therapy. In one session she is able to open up restrictions that a person may have carried for decades and I find this wonderfully compliments the kind of deep experiential psychotherapy in which I am usually engaged with such people.

Thus she is not only a highly skillful practitioner but also a very lovable person who works directly from the heart with the minimum of interference from the usual cerebral activity of which most of us are plagued in the west. I feel I am very priviledged to have a relationship with such a wonderful person. She has deepened my understanding in so many ways and I have learned so much from her."
Professor Emeritus Ivor Browne - back to top -

"I went to Gillian initially to get help for the problems I had been having with my periods, I had been having really bad trouble for nearly 5 years and had been to every professional possible and had loads of invasive procedures done with no real results and they couldn't find any reasons for what I was suffering.

The work I was doing with Gillian was a very different approach to anything I'd ever done before. During the sessions my body had many diffierent responses, I would get very cold sometimes and at times I would feel great pressure in my stomach then it would release itself. After the sessions I felt really uplifted and much more relaxed in my body and after just a few sessions my periods were normal. I could go about my life normally while I had my period, the treatment changed me on many levels. My periods used to immobilise me and now I can carry on like normal.

Gillian made me feel like I was with a friend, I felt very safe, relaxed and comfortable . This was something I could never do before and I trusted her totally. Gillian's work surprised me in a fantastic way. She is a wonderful person doing wonderful work."
Colleen Bonham Corcoran. - back to top -

'Gillian's gentleness unlocked a few knotted muscles that I couldn't loosen. My body felt free again. The gift to myself of the time I spent with Gillian was a great investment. Gillian is a resource I can tap into any time my system feels under pressure and in need of her care. I am happy to recommend Gillian to anyone'
Coaimhe Ryan, G.P. - back to top -

"Having done and taught yoga for years, I am a firm believer in all things holistic and rolfing was something that I had wanted to experience for a long time. Gillians understanding of the body, from all aspects, is truly outstanding. Working with her has changed not only my physical body but has helped me to realise how changes to the physical body impacts ones whole life. Gillian is an amazing person with an amazing gift who I can't recommend enough if you are looking for help and support to better your life!"
Sharon Whyte, Ireland and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. - back to top -

2 - Hip / Back / Shoulder
At the age of 42 I was faced with the prospect of having to have hip replacement surgery, having had a history of previous hip surgery. My quality of life had diminished as result of ever decreasing mobility and chronic pain. A friend, and fellow rolfer, recommended that I see Gillian. We met initially and spoke at length about my condition and what I hoped to achieve from the sessions. Through Bikram yoga practice and swimming I had addressed my mobility problems to a degree, however, pain still loomed large. I suggested that we needed to address pain management. Gillian suggest we aim for a pain free existence. So that's what we did.

The results have been beyond expectation:
- I no longer wake at night due to pain.
- The sharp pain I experienced 10 to 15 times per day has decreased to about one or two instances per week.
- As a result of the lack of pain, I have been better able to push my physical boundries ( I have started horseriding again for the first time in 30 years).

On a recent visit to my orthopaedic specialist, he declared that my physical capacity was so improved that if I maintain the status quo, we can push the surgery option back for at least another ten years!
In all, my quality of life has improved beyond what I had hoped for. I am no longer tired all the time, my physical capabilities are where they were ten years ago, and I no longer feel that I am defined by what were my physical constraints.

Thanks Gillian
Trish Mc Mahon, Mum. - back to top -

3 - Injuries
I had my first session yesterday on my foot . First it felt like a rock and after it was like standing on a pillow.
John O Connell, Adventurer, aged 10. - back to top -

"I came to Gillian in a lot of discomfort. I had been getting muscle spasms which affected my breathing, (which led to some anxiety). Before the first session with Gillian she took a picture of my back and showed me. I couldn't believe how bad my back looked. Gillian started work in that first session and from barely being able to breathe walking in, I got loads of relief that very day and the change in my shoulder (and whole body really) was amazing. She has got my body back into proper shape.

We cleared a lot of old athletic injuries, from spear tackles to my shoulder injuries to twisted ankles. Gillian is excellent at what she does and she has unbelievable touch. She can feel tissue in your body going to move before you can even feel it yourself. And the stuff she does with the Central Nervous System is hard to believe but it can relieve many symptoms that your body presents. Rolfing seems to have the potential to cure or greatly improve chronic ailments and fill a healthy person with even greater vitality.

Thanks Gillian"
Shane Beere. Teacher & Athlete. - back to top -