What is Rolfing®?

Rolfing Structural Integration is a process for re-educating a person's posture, movement and structure. Rolfing is a hands-on transformation process. Since the places in our bodies where we often feel pain and tension are part of a whole complex structure, lasting relief can usually only happen when the whole body is integrated, balanced and aligned. In a series of sessions we work on clearing your unique pattern of pain.

Rolfing is not symptoms based, we look for the unique cause of your problem and work with you to release it. It's a personal exploration of your body and we look at what is happening in your life to cause this problem. We look at your structural alignment, postural habits, your activities and your life stressors. I do not deliver a series of exercises or techniques that I use with every client. Nobody else after all has your body. Instead Rolfing provides a very personal experience and each session is about you.

(*Rolfing™ is a registered trademark of the Rolf Institute).

How is your posture linked to your pain?

Just notice how your posture changes when your back goes out! Or how it changes when you hear bad news or get great results. No two people stand the same, move the same or share the same experiences. Your body is a unique expression of your past - accidents, stresses, traumas, joys and delights and your posture expresses how you feel about yourself, what has shaped you and how that changes all the time.

Your posture and your pain are unique to you.

In contrast to the common understanding of posture, chest out, belly in - Your posture is dynamic, changing in response to different people, activities and environments. What's more, your posture is largely shaped by your personal belief about your self and is influenced at important moments in your life, for example, at birth, from accidents or through injuries. You are literally an expression of your history and beliefs. The body is not separate from the mind and while it has mechanical parts and joints etc, we are not mechanical beings.